Why Should I Choose an Electric Linear Actuator?

There are many different types of actuators out there. It can be hard to decide exactly which one you require for which project. In order to determine if electric linear actuators are the way to go, it is best to know everything you can about your project. Here’s a few reasons why an electric actuator might serve your project needs best.



Without a doubt, electric actuators are highly precise. If your project requires a high level of precision, this is the way to go. That’s not to say that other actuators are not precise, but electric actuators take the cake when precision is key. Electric actuators can provide accuracy up to ten thousandths of an inch.


Component VS Operating Cost

Many people are deterred from electric actuators because they notice the high component cost, but there is another factor that needs to be a part of the equation – operating costs. An electric actuator consumes very little power compared to some other actuators, and that can translate into savings. It can even outweigh the component costs of other actuators.


The operating cost comes down to power draw from the motor. Low voltage circuitry makes the electric actuator an excellent competitor against actuators with lower component costs. Before you strike electric off your list, do some math and see just how much you stand to save. You might be surprised.



In projects of moderate size, an electric actuator will be the best bet. They have a performance advantage over other actuators and their separate electronics cut down on costs. Instead of replacing a complete system, an actuator or its control system can be replaced as needed.



An electric actuator means that it can be used anywhere where current is supplied. Control systems can be connected with a battery or to a wall outlet, giving them an advantage over other actuators.


Home Projects

Home projects will benefit from electric actuators. Their movement is smooth and the motor is quiet.


The type of actuator you need will depend on the requirements of your project. Electric actuators have serious benefits over other types, and a business can stand to save a good deal of money by implementing them.


If you would like to know more about electric actuators and why they may be the best option for your project, Progressive Automations is here to answer all your questions.


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