Use of Tubular High-Speed Electric Linear Actuator in Cars

Tubular High-Speed Electric Linear Actuator is exclusively used in high-end cars. Scissor doors used in a Lamborghini incorporate use of Tubular High-Speed Electric Linear Actuators for functioning. The need to have these actuators is because of the performance delivered by these actuators, apart from performance they are compact and easy to install. These actuators look promising and different from the rest, you can be rest assure about their performance and looks. We at Progressive Automations, Inc manufacture high-end actuators for industrial processes, our years of research has finally paid off in creating these wonders.

Sports cars require use of actuators that can help in smooth functioning. Actuators prove to be beneficial in the end; they provide accurate performance that can ensure smooth operation of the vehicle. Opening of doors and hood is easy with the use of such actuators. Some exotics have automated closing system that comes into effect when the driver engages the car in gear. Locking pattern is electronically handled; the onboard computer performs this step in the most efficient manner.

If you have a customized order then feel free to contact us since we cater to industrial and commercial orders. The design and make of these actuators is different and depends on the vehicle it will be installed. The dynamics of the vehicle play an important role in its functioning and design. If the vehicle has space then comfort feature is given more attention. Feel free to log on to for more details on actuators.

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