Use of Linear Actuator in Sports Bike Maintenance Stand

A Linear Actuator is installed in motorcycle maintenance stand that is used for repairing purposes. Sports bike requires oil change and coolant check up for smooth running. Air filter cleaning is equally important to deliver top-end speed figures. By cleaning the air filter, clogging of air is eased out. The entire functioning of intake has immediately reply, throttle feedback is crisp and clear.

A Linear Actuator supports the functioning of a motorcycle maintenance stand. It is installed in the base of the stand with the use of a button. The user needs to load the motorcycle in the main stand that has additional support of the side stand. Once the motorcycle is loaded on the main hook, the actuator powered stand easily lifts up the motorcycle. Once the motorcycle is been lifted, the actuator locks itself and supports the weight of the motorcycle. The stand also ensures the motorcycle does not move forward when loaded on the stand. The user can engage the motorcycle in gear to ensure it does not move ahead an inch.

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