Use of Linear Actuator in Glass Manufacturing

Glass is fragile but can withstand pressure when designing for home or industrial purposes; accurate glass cutting can be done after the use of linear actuator based machines. We at Progressive Automations manufacture high-end Linear Actuators for industrial machines. The cutting head of the glass cutting machine can be aligned accurately with the use of an actuator, it is programmed and data is fed in to the onboard computer. The programmed application (glass cutting) then executes as per the commands, it aligns the head according to the design pattern and cuts the glass, accuracy is 100% and the glass is not shattered. This type of perfection is delivered by the actuators manufactured by Progressive Automations. A measurement suite is also required for testing the thickness of the material and distance of cuts. Additional linear actuators are used in completing the task of cutting.
Complex designs are also executed in precise manner since multiple actuators are used for manufacturing glass items. The onboard computer can also help in custom designs which have strict specifications. Progressive Automations manufactures according to international standards, our products are tested and then dispatched to the customer; if any product fails the quality test then it is scrapped immediately. Quality of the product matters a lot to us, over the years we have mastered the technique of manufacturing actuators with zero defects, we continue to excel in same manner for our clients in future too. We provide on time delivery to all the products that are sold under Progressive Automations, for more information please log on to

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