Use of 12V Actuators in Cars

A 12V Actuator is widely used in automobiles for several purposes; it ensures in smooth functioning and provides excellent output. We at Progressive Automations manufacture high-end 12V Actuator which are used in cars. Lowering and rising of windows is all powered with the use of a 12V Actuator, it is fitted inside the panels of the door with a tuned motor. The user can raise or lower the window within seconds, a powerful motor is installed that does the job. Power to this actuator is provided by the onboard battery which is installed in the car.
Progressive Automations adheres to international quality standards; our products are tried and tested before being dispatched to the customer. If any product fails the quality test then it is discarded immediately, we do not go ahead with defected quality products which can hamper the functioning of other machines and equipment.
Power window feature is provided as a luxury option so that you get all the benefits of driving a top-notch car. Locking system is provided which restricts the movement of the motor; this is where advanced and developed technology comes into the picture. The movement of the motor is locked and window cannot be lowered. Access to the main cabin is restricted providing security and safety during travelling or parked.
Feel free to log on to as we have detailed information on actuators which are installed in cars. Give us a call if you have any specific requirement, we would surely love to help you out. Actuators ensure that you are safe when using the car; the window can be locked or opened within seconds.

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