Use of 12 Volt Actuators in Solar Panel

Solar panels generate electricity for future requirements. These panels are installed on open ground facing the sun directly; they need to align in the right manner to attract the sunrays. Use of 12 Volt Actuators ensures to move in the path of sun, actuators are installed beneath the main panel of the solar cell. They are pre programmed and follow the sunrays; fitting of these actuators is according to bolt-on method. The onboard computer handles the movement of these actuators; technology is developing day-by-day and ensures to give new surprises.

We at Progressive Automations, Inc manufacture high-end 12 Volt Actuators according to industrial specifications. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces excellent actuators for solar panels. Gain maximum control for generating electricity; transfer the stored energy to the required hub in no time as these actuators totally align themselves according to the trajectory of the sunrays. Years of research has been invested in creating these actuators, we have programmed them accordingly, expect no failures.

The solar panel has covering underneath the cells; it helps in protecting the actuator from hazardous environments. Water, wind, snow, and dust do not caste any negative effect on its functioning. We have tested these actuators in various scenarios for maximum control; actuators failing the test have been rectified and ensured to perform flawlessly. Solar panels heat up because they are attracting the sunrays all the time. For more information on actuators, feel free to log on to Our website is equipped with data that educates working of actuators in solar panels.

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