Table Lifts for Any Desk

Have you considered using a table lift for your desk at home or work? Many employees and employers spend a great deal of time alternating between sitting and standing. A table lift can accommodate both positions by automating your desk to adjust to your sitting or standing height.  Studies have suggested that by alternating your positions throughout the day, you are more likely to be productive and stay healthy.


As demonstrated in the video below, a two-part desk can be fitted with table lifts so each part of the desk is separately automated. Install a footswitch to the system, and you have complete control over the raising and lowering of the desk to various heights.


What are The Benefits?


Work production studies have indicated that it is preferable to alternate between sitting and standing to reduce the likelihood of injury to your spine. The studies suggest that workers are more productive when they stand, but standing is also harder on the body. The best option is to alternate between the two positions and an automated desk can help to accommodate this.


When you are standing, your desk is still a few feet below you meaning you have to bend over to interact with it, your computer or any drawers.  The automated desk comes up to your height, preventing the need for unnecessary bending.


If multiple workers or family members are using one particular desk, each individual can adjust the height of the desk according to their own needs. Those who prefer to stand at their desk may do so and with the push of a button, it can be switched to a position suitable for seating. The tall and short alike can share the same desk with no hassle.


For employers concerned with productivity, workers who are allowed to alternate between sitting and standing will have a higher productivity and a lower chance of injury, reducing any additional costs associated with health and safety.


Any type of desk can be fitted with an automated table lift system for a reasonable cost. What you spend on equipment, you will get back in productivity.


We’ve Got You Covered


Progressive Automations offers all the products needed for a table lift capable of raising and lowering any desk. Our FLT-06 model is popular for this function and comes with the lifts and control mechanisms for use.   These table lifts are designed to hold up to 175lbs per leg, suitable for most desks.


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