Ryerson University Students Design Automated Ergotables with Memory

In 2010, Ryerson University students designed and built an automated desk with the memory capacity. For university students, this prototype gives any student a desk that can be tailored to any height. For others who spend long hours in seated positions, this table is an easy way to maintain correct posture throughout the day or adjust the height level if needed.


This ergotable uses a single actuator, connected to a desk top and base to control the height. The control system is linked to a computer, which has installed software that can be programmed to remember the individual settings of each user. So long as the software is installed on the computer, any laptop or desktop can use the system, as it is connected through USB to the computer.


When a user approaches the table, it is in its highest position. This prevents the individual from having to bend over to put their items on the desk, reducing the chance of back injury. When logged into the software and seated, the automated desk adjusts to the desired position and the user can begin work. When finished, the individual stands and the desk rises to its highest position once again. The user can now remove their items without having to bend.


Having an adjustable seat does wonders to help with back pains, correct posture and other injuries associated with long periods of seating, but having an adjustable desk gives any user the ability to find the best seated position, and then adjust the desk to the height.


Most experts believe a person can be seated longer without experiencing discomfort if they change their seated position every 15 minutes. With an automated desk and accompanying software, these motions can be pre-programmed into the software to remind the person that 15 minutes has passed. Not only can they then change their chair position, but they can also adjust their desk height to a different level.


Although the desk in the video is designed for a small workspace, any size desk can be fitted with linear actuators and control systems to allow for a completely adjustable height. The importance of ergonomic seating and furniture makes a difference when you are required to remain seated for long periods. With the rise of professionals working from home offices, this affordable solution will not break your wallet or your back.

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