Linear Actuator Expands Trailer Living Space

The Capsule Camper, created by designer David Tonkinson, is a mobile living space intended for urban environments. While standard types of campers, including RVs are ideal for long road trips, this compact, two-person camper is sure to appeal to those who want to get away from it all but still be near enough to city perks like blended coffee drinks, music festivals and theatres.

Linear actuators expand and contract the shell of the camper. When stationary, in camping mode, linear actuators open up the halves to access the living area. A wrap-around skylight “fills in” the middle. The transparent sides and roof can be switched to opaque mode for privacy. The egg-shaped camper is divided into two pods – the comfort pod for eating, sleeping, etc. and the service pod which includes a water system (sink and toilet), power supply and storage.

When ready to move on, the linear actuator contracts the skylight and transparent sides back into closed position. Small enough to fit into a standard size parking space when closed, this two-person camper can be towed by an economy-sized vehicle.

More like a high-end hotel room, only mobile than your average camper, this trendy trailer has other state-of-the-art features designed so that you really can take it with you. The compact camper has it’s own built-in audio system.

Once a pastime usually associated with retirees or older generations, the Capsule Camper was created to spark interest in mobile living spaces intended for the exploration of mostly urban environments that would appeal to the younger, high-end user.


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