Linear Actuator and Construction Equipment

A Linear Actuator is installed in functioning of construction equipment. With the use of linear actuators, it has proven quite efficient and reduced human effort. We at Progressive Automations, Inc manufacture top-of-the-line Linear Actuators according to industrial specifications. Our high-end manufacturing plant provides actuators that have the best in class parts, these designs last for years to come.

A dumper truck requires actuators that are used in controlling the movement of the basket containing mud, stones, or even wood blocks. Lifting of the basket is done by hydraulics but controlling the basket and its further movements is take care by linear actuators. The manufacturer itself opts for easy and quick programming of actuators.

Cement mixers also make use of actuators for mixing huge tons of cement. The rotating hub of the mixer incorporates an actuator that helps in functioning of the motor. The actuator powered motor works fine and according to requirement of the user, mixing process stops with a click of a button and resumes to original pace in a click of a button.

Cranes have actuators installed right in the operating cabin. The user sits comfortably on actuator-powered cabins, it has the power to provide comfort and help in rotation of the cabin. The user has 360° access and quick viewing. Transportation of heavy material takes place with the use of such cranes that are actuator powered.

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