Kitchen Cabinets Come Alive

You need flour to make gravy, spices to flavor the rice and sugar because you’re whipping up a little something for dessert. What if you could make the right cupboard door open automatically with just a wave of your hand or a tap on a sensor? Sound like a kitchen that belongs to the Jetsons? It doesn’t have to be.

Companies like Anvil Cabinet and Mill can offer the interested consumer creative ways to make their kitchen cabinets come alive so that making dinner is much easier. A fully automated cabinetry system is designed to respond to human activity. The motion is linear; the cupboard doors open up, literally, rather than horizontally. Linear actuators guide the doors up and down with the smooth precision actuators are famous for. It’s not just the cabinets that get special treatment. Touch activated drawers open when you need them.

Since the cabinets require only a wave of the hand to set the doors in motions, you won’t leave batter streaks or grease marks behind. Pre-programed screens customize the task at hand. Mini linear actuators used to open drawers or close cabinets transforms cooking breakfast or preparing for a dinner party into an enjoyable experience. If you so wish, more than one cabinet door can be opened at the same time.

You can even use the biometric scanners to lock a certain cabinet, say the one where you keep liquor, to protect it from curious little fingers. Smart cabinets can make your kitchen safer and easier to use.

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