I Know This is Where I Parked My Car

It sounds like something James Bond would do – park his car and then make it disappear. But you don’t have to be a spy to find the CarDok appealing.

At first glance, this custom car elevator looks like a typical carport. But drive onto the pad directly underneath the roof, press a button and then see what happens. In less than 30 seconds, the platform is lowered into the ground and your car is safely parked underground. The CarDok allows you to store your car out-of-sight, maintaining the esthetics of your landscaping. When the parking platform is not elevated, it blends in with your driveway that it’s hard to tell it’s there at all.

Like heavy duty actuators, the CarDok is designed to lift a lot of weight. While it can be used for a single vehicle, the custom elevator system can also double your parking space. One car can be in for the evening, stashed out of sight, and the second car parked above ground can be ready whenever you are. Sounds cool, but do you have visions of the power going out and leaving you stranded in mid-lift The system includes a small backup generator.

Saving space and still be able to park two or more cars is ideal for dense, urban areas. But you don’t have to use the available space for an additional car – while your vehicle is underground or not in residence, it can become someplace to gather and sit for awhile.

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