Heavy Duty Linear Actuators for Truck Repair

Heavy Duty Linear Actuators are widely used in truck repair devices. One of the striking features of heavy-duty actuators is that they have the capacity to lift trucks without any problems. The design and make of these actuators is truly world class and different from the rest. We at Progressive Automations, Inc manufacture high-end Heavy Duty Linear Actuators for commercial and industrial processes. The functioning of this actuator is different; it is installed underneath the lifting planks of the machine.

The process for working of truck repairing equipment is easy. The truck is loaded on the lifting device in neutral gear. During the lifting process, the driver needs to engage the truck in drive mode so that the wheels are locked. The truck cannot move forward or backward and results in quick lifting. The onboard computer sets pressure, the actuators then raises the planks with the use of set pressure. The computer also locks the functioning of actuators when the truck is in lifting process. This helps in lifting the truck smoothly, unnecessary jerks are avoided, and the operation concludes with smoothness. The truck is then fully raised on those planks with the use of actuators, now the computer again locks the pressure with the required setup.

The engineer can now perform repairs by going underneath the chassis of the truck. Once the repairs are finished, the truck is lowered by releasing the pressure slowly. The onboard computer handles the entire operation and locks the actuators when the truck is lowered. Feel free to log on to http://progressiveautomations.com for more information.

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