Electric Actuators the New Automobile Manufacturing Asset

Manufacturing cars require heavy machinery and robotics which can compile the parts together. Electric Actuators are widely used in production line of automobiles across the globe, their multitasking capabilities come to use in such environments. Cost effective production of automobiles therefore becomes possible as these robots are programmed according to required manner. Heavy duty Electric Actuators are used in robots which finish the manufacturing procedure, welding of parts is taken care by robots that are present on the assembly line. 850 pounds to 2,000 pounds of force is required and is generated by these actuators, they need to work in the most exhaustive and demanding surroundings. Applying paint to the automobile is done by robots that have heavy duty actuators installed in their chassis. Not only applying but even drying the paint and checking its depth is also a programmed function of the robot having actuators

Progressive automations takes immense pleasure in manufacturing such components for the automotive industry; we have years of research dwelt in actuator technology. Our Electric Actuators are class apart and deliver exceptional quality and performance. Safety of the manufacturing floor can be increased as these robots are programmed to work even in dangerous environments where presence of humans can be harmful especially during welding panels. Another striking feature of electric actuators is that errors are completely erased in the manufacturing procedure. Since everything is programmed, the onboard computer sorts out everything related to assembly line, having computerized low cost devices like actuators the process becomes easy and error free.

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