Custom Made 12 Volt Actuator

A custom made 12 Volt Actuator can work wonders in providing exceptional performance and output from TV stands. We at Progressive Automations manufacture high-end 12 Volt Actuators for TV stands, these stands are designed for relaxed home or office TV viewing. Our products are tested for durability and stability before being delivered to the customer.

Talking about TV stands, well, these are automatic stands which can be used for viewing TV. The stand can be installed on floor, ceiling and on walls of home or office. At times, your neck muscles might pain because of the angle of viewing, you can reduce or increase the angle based upon your position. A 12 Volt Actuator is installed in the stand which has the capacity to expand and contract according to your requirements. Movements of the actuator can be controlled with the use of a remote; the TV stand must be plugged in an electric socket for smooth operation. You can even change the view from right to left and vice-versa.

All our products carry delivery service which also ensures installation to be done with ease. Feel free to log on to for more information on 12 Volt Actuators. Our website has updated details on the products we manufacture. We have returning customers who believe in our service, they are ready to trust our brand over and over again because of the service we provide. Our prices are unmatched in the market; this is what pushes us forward in creating new products.

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