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On March 28th, 2013, researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology published a study detailing how their robotic ants were able to mimic their biological counterparts. The study, aimed at discovering how biological ants get around their dark, maze-like … Continue reading

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The world of science fiction is not far off into the future, and heading the field is CHARLI (Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Robot with Learning Intelligence) L and CHARLI 2, the first human-sized robots to walk this earth with help of … Continue reading

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One of the most difficult problems in robotic science is how to design a robot that can land on its feet if it falls or is dropped from a height. Usually a robot will land in a heap and then … Continue reading

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It weighs in at about ten pounds, is light enough to be carried in a soldier’s backpack and has four wheels. Can you guess what it is? Would you believe it’s a military robot intended for urban combat. In situations … Continue reading

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NORTH CAROLINA – The progress of robotics marches on, with automotive factories, aeronautics engineering, and outer space applications investing millions of dollars to push the envelope. But maybe there’s another way; enterprising Engineering Student Max Shepherd ( has made an … Continue reading

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MANITOBA -In a particularly Canadian display of ingenuity students from the University of Manitoba robotics department have created a hockey-playing robot, based on the DarwinOP hardware/software platform. The robot, named Jennifer after storied Canadian Women’s hockey player Jennifer Botterill, stands … Continue reading

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