Actuators Design from Progressive Automations

Actuators are designed exclusively to suit special engineering requirements. Every product is engineered to perform and outrun the competitors in performance. We at Progressive Automations manufacture high-end actuators are industrial as well as commercial purposes. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures to provide maximum output when working on industrial processes. The need to have such type of products can be for automation and industrial processes where use of actuators would make a difference. The design entirely depends on the customer’s requirement; we accept custom orders which are designed exclusively. Every custom order is unique and genuine, we believe in delivering products and services according to international standards.

Actuators are used in sport cars which have the capacity to travel at excessive speeds. These sport cars widely make use of actuators for regular opening of vents and diffusers. The rear diffuser is installed with fully adjustable actuators; they can handle different strokes of pressure. Entering and exiting a corner is easy since the down force is adjusted by the actuator itself. Variation in design helps in knowing the different requirements, a particular car may feel out of place when the variation changes.

Programmed maps are fed in the onboard computer which ensures smooth operation of vents. When the temperature of the engine increase, the vents open up forcing additional air in the car. This helps in cooling of the car’s engine which in return delivers additional output. We have our website which can be checked to know more about actuators, feel free to log on to for additional details.

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