Actuators and Table Lifts

Actuators are widely used in industrial machinery for various purposes. The design and make of these actuators are simply superb; they are long lasting have less maintenance compared to other products. Progressive Automations, Inc manufactures high-end actuators for industrial and commercial requirements. Table lifts are used for lifting heavy machinery, with the use of actuators it is easy to lift machine parts.

These lifts are used for manufacturing and repair purposes. An industrial repairing company will stock such machines because of its features. It can offer raised platforms for performing repairs or new creations. Technicians can use the raised platform to perform repairs or new inventions. Height of the platform can be adjusted according to your needs, the user has several options to increase or decrease the height of the platform.

Technology is developing; the output given by this lift can be customized according to requirements. Electricity is required for its functioning; output of the lift totally depends on the motor installed in its functioning. Our customizing options are user friendly, if you have any sort of requirement then feel free to contact us.

Actuators installed in Table Lifts are completely maintenance free, there are no special requisites to be made to keep them functioning. Repairs are close to nil because of the products used in its functioning, parts are calibrated to meet the requirements. Actuators are attached underneath the lifts; they power the lift to raise its plank with the added weight of the machinery. Please visit for more information.

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