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There are many different types of actuators out there. It can be hard to decide exactly which one you require for which project. In order to determine if electric linear actuators are the way to go, it is best to … Continue reading

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Have you considered using a table lift for your desk at home or work? Many employees and employers spend a great deal of time alternating between sitting and standing. A table lift can accommodate both positions by automating your desk … Continue reading

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On March 28th, 2013, researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology published a study detailing how their robotic ants were able to mimic their biological counterparts. The study, aimed at discovering how biological ants get around their dark, maze-like … Continue reading

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If you thought it wasn’t possible for robots to have soul, this video will likely change your mind. These four robots, Harry, Dave, Chuck and Ritchie, presented their composition on Mechatronics TV in 2011 to an enthusiastic audience. And so … Continue reading

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In 2010, Ryerson University students designed and built an automated desk with the memory capacity. For university students, this prototype gives any student a desk that can be tailored to any height. For others who spend long hours in seated … Continue reading

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When Boston Dynamics needed a mechanism that could perform like an actual muscle, they found the perfect solution in electric linear actuators. The ‘Cheetah’ robot – the fastest four-legged robot in all of history – is in the midst of … Continue reading

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Observatories around the world use linear actuators to control the closing and opening of their roof panels when they want to observe the sky. The La Canada observatory in Avila, Spain uses two actuators to extend the window panels that … Continue reading

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The world of science fiction is not far off into the future, and heading the field is CHARLI (Cognitive Humanoid Autonomous Robot with Learning Intelligence) L and CHARLI 2, the first human-sized robots to walk this earth with help of … Continue reading

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High Speed Linear Actuator delivers exceptional output for industrial machines. The design and make of these actuators is marvelous and different from the rest. We at Progressive Automations, Inc manufacture high end High Speed Linear Actuator for industrial and commercial … Continue reading

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